Elemental Chaos

Before the creation of Tol, reality was very strongly divided. The realm of matter and energy was known as the Elemental Chaos. The realm of thought and spirit was known as the Astral Sea. As the realm of fire, earth, water, air, and more, the Elemental Chaos was home to the Primordials, beings of titanic and awesome power. For amusement, these immortal creatures would form and shape matter and energy from the Elemental Chaos into shapes that pleased them, then destroy them for the joy of starting over again.

One day, the Primordials created a shape and then left it. While they were away, the Gods who dwelled in the Astral Sea took delight in it and added life to it. The contention over this new shape, Tol, led to the Dawn War. At the end of this war, the Primordials had been defeated by an alliance of the gods and the Primal Spirits, those entities who had risen from Tol itself. The Primordials were scattered, slain, or imprisoned in remote reaches. The Elemental Chaos was up for grabs.

Two peoples who had suffered in the war were the Genies and the Efreeti. Beings of wind and fire, respectively, these free peoples had allied with the Primordials. As punishment, the gods bound many of them into inanimate objects, but many remained who swore peace with the gods. The Efreeti took over one of the grandest citadels of the Primordials and re-fashioned it to their own purposes. This became known as the City of Brass. By contrast, the Genies refurbished one of their own cities, making it more beautiful and grand than ever before and renaming it the City of Turquoise. These two cities are probably the two greatest centers of civilization in the Elemental Chaos.

Much less civilized but vastly more populated is an area often thought of as the “bottom” of the Elemental Chaos. In the dark depths of the Chaos, an entity known as the Nameless planted a seed of pure evil. From this seed sprang the twisted realm known as the Abyss, home to the dreaded Demons.

Elemental Chaos

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