Although the term elemental can be used as an adjective to describe a creature that has been infused with the energies of the Elemental Chaos, when used as a noun, it refers to a native of that plane, made up entirely of that plane’s form of matter. The most common elementals are formed of a single elemental, such as a fire, water, earth, or air. More powerful elementals come from the intersections of those elements, such as when air combines with earth, or acid with ice, or lightning with air.

Most elementals can only come to Tol when summoned by mortal spellcasters. Occassionally, however, the walls between the worlds can be thin in places of extreme elemental influence, such as a mighty waterfall, a volcano, or a glacier. In these places, elementals can slip through unbidden, often causing havoc.

Mud Lashers, an elemental born of the union of water and earth, were encountered by the Fire Wasps under the ruins of Hallowir’s Watch.

Common elementals of air, earth, fire, and water were encountered by the Fire Wasps in the ritual room at Homestead.

Magma hurlers and a fire bat were encountered while exploring the Copperbraids mine at Lastlight.


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