The Eladrin-in-Exile (or just Eladrin) are a race of fey creatures originally native to the realm of the Feywild. They settled in the lands now called Tavanion and remain one of the more powerful of the Seven Kingdoms. The Tavanion eladarin call themselves Eladrin-in-Exile because they have left the ancient eladrin kingdom of Eldanor. They are no longer permitted to enter so deeply into the Feywild. This occured at the time of the Feywar and is belived to be linked to the fracture between elves, eladrin, and drow.

Common eladrin phrases:
  • “Keep your spear up.” (Keep your eyes peeled.)
  • “Let’s harp a new song.” (Let’s change the subject.)
  • “Some trees only grow in the Feywild.” (There are two sides to every story.)
  • “Trace every rune.” (Leave no stone unturned.)
  • “The leaf falls before the root rots.” (Blood is thicker than water.)
  • Eladrin

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