Drog is a Half Orc who is a co-owner and co-proprietor of the Sword and Spell Inn and Tavern in Estwald’s Garden District. He is a former Adventurer from the Gold Dragon Company, where he met and traveled with his fellow co-owner Brandy Quietstreams and silent partner Illias the Blue. He is a Barbarian of tremendous strength, and he was noted for his mastery of the difficult to wield Orcish double-axe, as well as a wicked head butt (for which the Sword and Spell’s signature whiskey is named).

Drog has dark hair that he wears long and unusual hazel-colored eyes, a gift from his Human mother, who was Aeotaen in descent. He is very fond of body decoration, having gotten many Aeotaen-style tattoos on his arms, torso, and legs, as well as piercings in his eyebrow, ears, lip, nose, nipples, and navel. He often works bare-chested, showing off piercings, tattoos, muscles, and his hirsute chest. At the tavern, he acts as a kind of rowdy host, as well as the head bouncer.

Drog isn’t the most talkative when it comes to matters of his parentage or youth. He shrugs and admits that his parents “weren’t together”, which makes most think it was a forced coupling. He is known to have grown up in the islands of Kaoru, and he’s demonstrated great skill as a boatman in the past. In addition to the double-axe, he has great fondness for the longspear, the maul, and javelins. His own enchanted double-axe, Ettinsbane, hangs on one of the tavern walls, among some of Brandy’s daggers and various reminders of the pair’s adventuring past.

Drog is affable and friendly for a half-orc, with his father race’s rage rarely coming to him. Everything goes out the window when there’s a threat to Brandy, however, for whom he displays a fierce loyalty. Some whisper that the two are more than friends, which only gets a sly grin and shrug from Drog. By comparison, it’s likely to get a veiled threat and a suggestion to mind one’s own business from Brandy. Others assume that they are bound by the kind of brotherhood that only comes about when two people trust each other with their lives. It’s true that they have separate rooms on the top floor of the Inn, but it’s also true that there’s an adjoining door that connects those two rooms.

In the last few years, Drog and Brandy have taken in the orphaned lad Rinton Whitehall, who they caught stealing bread that was cooling on the windowsill of the tavern. Drog was surprised when the often cynical Brandy offered Rin a job and a place to sleep, but he offered no protest, and he’s come to consider the boy something of a foster son. Both he and Brandy are very protective of the lad, and Drog will gladly warn away anyone who’s being ride to him, usually with an implicit threat of violence to anyone who attempts to harass the boy.

By long-standing tradition, anyone can challenge Drog to an arm-wrestling contest to win a free drink. Drog is prodigiously strong, and it’s very rare that this challenge loses the tavern drinks. Drog is not the sort to pummel trouble-makers into submission. He tends to casually pick them up, tote them to the side by the bar, and then drop them through a trap-door into the canal below to sober up.



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