Throughout the various lands of Tol, many peoples enjoy a good drink. Many people who run taverns have made their fortune in good, strong drink. It’s been noted that different countries and races like different drinks, though there are always exceptions. Still, for better or for worse, many races have been tied to different drinks.

From Kurdenheim comes some of the finest of ales, brewed by dwarven craftsmen from ancient recipes, made with thick mountain barley.

The Hastane of Norhast ferment the honey from their sturdy northern bees to make goodly amounts of strong, sweet mead. Revels in their mead-halls can be raucous and rowdy.

Goblin whiskey is made from fermenting sour grain mash. Some people love the rough burn that it leaves in the throat and belly, but others consider it too harsh.

The beautiful golden apples of Faerinwold end up in elven cider, a favorite drink of both elves and other people.

Summerlund is the bread-basket of Aldorath, so it’s not surprising that the Summerlings are renowned for their various kinds of beer.

Throughout the bayous of Dalenshire, halflings keep small stills, turning corn mash and other grains into the potent brew affectionately known as moonshine or river swill.

Although wine is made by most cultures, the fey courts of Tavanion are full of grape arbors. These grapes, sometimes growing in Tol, and sometimes in the Feywild contribute to the creation of feywine, a light and delicious beverage that causes dreams and visions.

Perhaps because of the number of orcish corsairs among the Sea Barons, orcs are renowned for their love of rum. Sugar cane is plentiful both in the Sea Baron islands and the Orcish Steppes.


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