Dragonshards are glowing crystals of varying size. They are used in various rituals, as well as enchanted by various magic-wielders to enhance weapons, armor, and other equipment. As a result, they are prized by Adventurers.

According to one popular legend, dragonshards were created when the Dragon God Io was slain during the Dawn War. As his body fell, the gods Bahamut and Tiamat were born from his remains, but some of his mind, scales, and blood was not consumed in their creation, instead crystallizing.

Mind dragonshards are golden and are believed to float in the sky, invisibly, dwarfed by the distant stars. Sometimes, these shards fall to earth, and they are highly prized when they do.

Scale dragonshards are either sapphire blue or emerald green. They’re found in mines close to the surface of Tol, or sometimes within geodes.

Blood dragonshards are often found deep within the ground, and it’s believed the blood flowed deep into the earth before crystallizing in veins of these crystals.


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