Desolation of Azmartheon

On the continent of Keshwan, the proud Empire of Azmartheon was home to many dragonborn, and its rule was long and prosperous. Uniting many smaller kingdoms, including Bedourin and Minostal, under a benevolent rule, the dragonborn governed wisely and well.

Their closest neighboring power was the Kingdom of Falwyth, ruled by humans, and they became close allies. That ended when the humans of Falwyth became the first tieflings and the Black Fire War was ignited. This terrible conflict inflicted many grievous wounds on the dragonborn nation, but they felt confident of their righteous victory.

Ultimately, however, the War was only ended by the terrible disaster of The Rending. Few can agree whether this cataclysm was the fault of the dragonborn or the tieflings, but it shattered Falwyth into fragmented islands and lay the lush lands of Azmartheon to waste, making of them a barren desert, known now as the Desolation of Azmartheon.

Sadly, most of the dragonborn left their homeland, seeking kinder and gentler lands. Although they now call no country their own, the dragonborn remain proud and honorable. Their traditional battle cry, Kat’zhu na Azmartheon ost, translated roughly as “Azmartheon will never die,” echoes on battle fields around Tol as an echo of past glories that may never return.

Desolation of Azmartheon

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