The Den is a community in Estwald’s Salt District comprised entirely of Shifters. It is not large, numbering about thirty families, but it has room to expand.

The Den is built into one of the city’s cliffsides overlooking the Bright Sea. It was originally delved by dwarven merchants who thought that dwarves and others might prefer underground dwellings. Unfortunately, they didn’t reckon with how little those who might want underground homes would dislike the steep and often slippery paths by the sea.

Luckily for those dwarven merchants, a group of shifters thought that such a dwelling would be an opportunity to make a community of their own. They purchased the whole underground complex and made it their own by adding a few burrows, vertical shafts, skylights, and the like. This new area has attracted more shifters who liked the idea of making their own place, and its weekly market – the Trademoot – brings in all kinds of folk.

The unofficial mayor of the Den is Griff Everwise, an elderly Dreamsight Shifter whose mother was one of the original inhabitants.



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