Damotyre Nudrassen

Born in 104 PK, Damotyre Nudrassen was a Tiefling playwright of Summerling descent. His patron, King Kostyn Lavonwyn of Summerlund, commissioned a large amphitheatre in Estwald as an outlet for his favorite playwright’s works. The Amphitheatre of Damotyre remains as an enduring legacy for the famous writer, but his works are likely to be more enduring still. His premature passing in 53 PK robbed the world of many masterpieces that might still have been to come.

Some of Nudrassen’s more famous works include:

- The Dragon Emperor‘s Daughter: An early historical work, in which the daughter of the Dragon Emperor of Azmartheon seeks a husband and nearly causes a war.
- The Ar Thane of Balgondelve: A play about Balgon Fivebraids and his daughter Cassada Fivebraids during their escape from Jotunheld and the subsequent founding of their city.
- The Two Knaves of Estwald: A comedy about a pair of warring thieves in Summerlund’s capital.
- The Midsummer Moon’s Madness: A comedy in which the amorous adventures of a group of lusty mortals attract the attentions of Tiandra and Oran. A wager is struck, and many mishaps and misunderstandings follow.

- Cassilda and Morenaides: A tragic romance between a tiefling and a human ends with a magic duel, a suicide, and the fall of a King.
- Leondes Lavonwyn: The tale of the founder of House Lavonwyn. This was Nudrassen’s last play, and many feel that it’s an indictment of the Lavonwyn House as being unfit to rule. Many wonder how Kostyn Lavonwyn would have felt if he had lived to see it written.

Damotyre Nudrassen

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