During the height of the Seven Kingdoms, various projects called on the expeertises of the different races that comprised the kingdoms. With Goblin engineers and Dwarven stonecutters, great roads were made connecting the main cities of Kurdenheim, Norhast, Gristamere, Summerlund, Dalenshire, and Tavanion. Faerinwold allowed one major road through the Neldorin Forest to connect to Seowyn’s Crossing, but refused other offers. These roads, known as the Crownways, promoted trade and travel between the various kingdoms.

Since the end of the Second Witching War and the betrayal of Gristamere, most of the Crownways have fallen more into disrepair, except for those in Gristamere. Bandits and other foes sometimes haunt or attack those who try to use them to move safely about.

When they were fully functioning, the Crownways had inns along their length, about one day’s journey’s apart. Some have fallen apart, some have becomes the centers of small villages, and others continue to operate as if there has been no change.

Halflings no longer trust the Crownways, as the Orcish Hordes used them to travel quickly to the attack during the Second Witching War. They prefer river travel and to cut across the wilderness. The Hastane prefer ocean travel when they can.


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