Clan Thistleshanks

Clan Thistleshanks is a group of halflings from Dalenshire. The majority of the clan are fisherman, plying the waters of the Silver Rush. Known members include:

Tilly Thistleshanks: a young halfling fighter who specializes in the sharrash.

Arbilly, Tilly’s late father. He was a fisherman who was killed in a gator attack. According to Tilly, it was no ordinary gator, but Limba, an ancient and gigantic gator that’s plagued halfling waters for decades.

Dalia, Tilly’s mother. Her cranberry catfish fritters are renowned through the clans of the SilveR Rush. She’s a hard-working woman, coping with a vast family on her own.

Chilly, Dilly, the twins Willy & Nilly, and Gilly: Tilly’s younger siblings.

Piccadilly: Tilly’s grandfather, the Granpere of the clan

Clan Thistleshanks

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