Cerulean Academy

The Cerulean Academy, or the Serua Al’ean School of Magics, is a school for budding wizards in the eladrin-in-exile ruled kingdom of Tavanion. Its physical manifestation in Tol is located in a secluded glade located in the southern edges of the forest of Neldorin, but most of its facilities are actually located within the Feywild. It is noted for the blue glass-like substance that the buildings are crafted from. Although the school is named for Serua Al’ean, the eladrin wizardess who founded it, human wizards who witnessed the blue crystal towers of the school mispronounced its name as Cerulean, and the name has stuck.

The school accepts only those who wish to be wizards to its student body, and, prior to the founding of the Seven Kingdoms, taught eladrin wizards exclusively. After the War of the God King, however, some wizards of other races were tentatively allowed to join, and soon wizards of various races could be seen walking its halls. After the Second Witching War, however, non-eladrin wizards were ousted rudely from the student body, and the school has returned to only teaching eladrin. Some of the faculty and students push for re-integration of other peoples into their classes, while others prefer to keep things fully segregated.

Students pass through various levels within the school before graduating, and those who remain as teachers themselves have levels they pass through as well.

Dawnrise students are the youngest. Many stop here and never progress further, preferring to turn to other pursuits. Dawnrise students are issued light gray tabards and scarlet caps. They room in large dormitories and are largely kept away from other students. They generally range in age from 7 to 13, and they learn no magic at all. Instead, they are taught arcane theory, history, diplomacy, mathematics, the elven tongue, and other classes. Those students who show real promise move on to the next level.

Highsun students wear white tunics and hose and gold caps. Each one is assigned to a higher level student and lives with that student, cleaning the room and virtually acting like a servant to the older student. In return, the older student acts as a mentor and tutor for the Highsun student. It is the older student who often teaches the Highsun how to cast his first few cantrips. In addition to these classes, Highsuns learn more magic theory, planar cosmology, advanced classes in history, natural history, and other scientific subjects. They also learn to wield the various implements, and they begin their spellbooks during this stage. They tend to range in ages from 13-17. Once they can cast the basic cantrips, they are tested and are then allowed to move on to the next highest level.

Twilight students are issued robes of dark purple and student hats of gold. Each one is assigned a Highsun student to be his novice and act as an apprentice. The Twilight students are finally taught true spells, as well as being offered concentrations in ritual magic and alchemy. Many also choose a specific implement to master at this time. They tend to range in age between 18-25. When they feel they’re ready, they must submit a thesis on a subject of magic theory. They must defend this thesis before a panel of older students and teachers. If they do so successfully, they are given a test, usually involving using their magics to accomplish a goal, sometimes including combat against summoned creatures. If they succeed, they’re advanced to the highest level of student.

Moonfall students are given fine robes of silver and deep blue. They wear mantle and hoods or elaborate hats of black, silver, and blue as well. Many students who make it this far go off with their education and become part of eladrin society, or sometimes turn to a life of adventuring. Those who wish to learn more will stay on and act as assistant teachers to the Dawnrise students. After a time, they can become full fledged teachers.

Most full teachers are Midnight teachers. In their robes and hoods of black and silver, they’re very distinct. The final rank of teachers are called Newdawn teachers, and they wear splendid golden and white robes. This rank symbolizes that the mage has come full circle, returning to the beginning. They are amongst the most respected members of eladrin society.

Cerulean Academy

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