Castle of the Old Ones

Near the Furrow family farm, a small branch of the Silver Rush river passes through a basalt dike and plummets over a short waterfall.

This waterfall falls into a deep natural basin where the water is pure aqua in color.

Behind the waterfall, a tunnel heads in either direction to two seemingly natural caves, but each of these vaults thirty feet in height in a tower-like shape, and shelves of worked rock lead up to a clearly worked chamber with windows great in length but short in height, matched to the four cardinal directions.

Brom Furrow held this place as his own secret for some time before sharing it with the friends who became known as the Fire Wasps. Besides a nest of the insects of the same name, the Castle also has a beautiful green crystal formation that glows when the kids are playing together (although Brom never saw it glow when he played here alone.) It was from these Crystals that The Shaper appeared when he was needed.

Castle of the Old Ones

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