Blackthorn Castle

Blackthorn Castle is a ruin located in the eastern reaches of the forest of Neldorin, southwest of the Summerling town of Seowyn’s Crossing. It bears the unmistakable mark of Eladrin architecture, and it is both ancient and ruined. Dangerous thorn brambles seem to have enveloped the castle, lending it it’s new name.

No one is sure what the ruin originally was. Summerling speculation is that the castle was founded sometime between the War of the God King and the First Witching War, possibly to allow the eladrin of Tavanion to keep an eye on the doings in Faerinwold and Summerlund. Since the area of Neldorin the ruin is in has never been claimed by Tavanion, this seems unlikely, but the elves of Faerinwold lay no claim to the ruin.

Some recent historical records have come to light that suggest that the castle may be one that emerged from the Feywild sometime during the Feywar and that its eladrin or elven inhabitants were slain either by Drow or by wild Fey.

In any case, this area of Neldorin is wild and dangerous, and it may be a place where the Feywild’s influence is leaking into Tol. One traveling in the vicinity should be cautious, but rumors of ancient eladrin treasures left behind in the ruins sometimes bring adventurers in search of it.

Blackthorn Castle

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