Many cultures on the world of Tol revere warriors. Many of these warriors are disciplined, calculating, and shrewd, some warriors prefer instead to tap into a primal ferocity that more civilized folk would be wise to fear. These more savage warriors are referred to as Barbarians.

Although some Barbarians revere the Gods, many of them are devoted to the Primal Spirits and seek to emulate their connection to the natural world. Some feel a strong connection to a specific Primal Spirit, such as the Primal Beast, but others simply respect the way the Primal Spirits follow the laws of nature, red in tooth and claw. They allow primal energies to infuse them and spur them to acts of great rage. While writing the tidal wave of this primal anger, they are capable of wreaking great damage and fighting on even when lesser men would fall.

Although the primal rage and ferocity of a Barbarian would seem like a liability amongst a more civilized group of adventurers, many adventuring companies benefit from the Barbarian’s prowess in combat. Sometimes the Barbarian is a much-needed infusion of vigor to an adventuring party’s makeup. It must be noted, however, that Barbarians are rarely content with long sessions of planning and tactics. An adventuring company must be wary in choosing a Barbarian companion, unless they are certain they can contain that primal rage and unleash it when needed.

Barbarians are rare among the people of Summerlund, Dalenshire, and Tavanion. Among the Hastane of Norhast, Barbarians enjoy specific respect and admiration. Some of the Dwarves of Kurdenheim feel that Barbarians are specially touched by Kurana Firebraids, their goddess of war and ale. The Elves of Faerinwold generally hold to a more disciplined militant regimen, but some warriors prefer the rage brought by their Totems. The goblins of Gristamere, the Orcs of the Orcish Steppes, and the Aeotaens of Kaoru also have proud, ancient Barbarian traditions.


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