Balgondelve is the capital city of the dwarven kingdom of Kurdenheim. Founded by Cassada Fivebraids after the darves fled giantish slavery in Jotunheld, the city is built on and within Mt. Silverhelm in the Everfrost Mountains. Most of the residences are located outside, while many key structures such as libraries, defenses, the mansion of the Ae-Thane, the temples of the The Thanes of the Five Halls, and the mercantile district are all located in the mountains itself. It is believed that, if the dwarves retreated and closed their doors, the inward part of their city could repel even flights of dragons or an assault by the legendary Tarrasque.

The city is notable not only as a place of fantastic architecture but also of great artistry. Many of the town’s squares feature fountains of crystal, fed by mountain springs, or exquisitely wrought statues of dwarven heroes. Many of the great mansions of the five great clans are decorated with precious metals and gems, and massive iron lamps hang from the cavernous ceilings, positioned with various crystals and mirrors to project sun, moon, and star light into even the deepest mountains. The great forges lie deep in the mountain’s roots. The dwarves have utilized volcanic and geo-thermal heat to give themselves forges that never require fuel.

At the northernmost point of the great city, the mountain’s foothills giveway to a sheer cliff. Carved into the rock is a huge, majestic statue of the dwarven hero, Balgon Fivebraids. The dwarves believe that, if the giants ever crossed the Frozen Sea to attack them, the statue would come to life and defend the town with its massive stone hammer.

Balgondelve Above

Balgondelve Below

The Monument to Balgon Fivebraids


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