Backgrounds were introduced in Player’s Handbook II. Backgrounds grant one of the following benefits, no matter how many backgrounds you take:

- Add one associated language to your list of known languages
- Add one associated skill to your class skill list
- Gain a +2 Background bonus to one associated skill
- Gain a Background benefit


Enduring Heritage
- Languages: Elven, Giant
- Skills: History, Thievery
- Benefit: +2 on Saving Throws vs. Charm effects

Liberator of the Lost Lands
- Languages: Elven, Giant
- Skills: Endurance, Stealth
- +3 Intimidate vs. Orcs

River Rat
- Language: Elven, Giant
- Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy
- Benefit: +3 on Diplomacy rolls relating to trade


Border Ranger
- Languages: Dwarven, Goblin
- Skills: Athetics, Nature
- Benefit: +1 to Athletics and Nature

Forest Villager
- Languages: Draconic
- Skills: Diplomacy, Nature
- Benefit: On first successful Nature check during Skill Challenge, counts as two successes.

Friend of Summerlund
- Languages: Dwarven, Goblin
- Skills: Diplomacy, Endurance
- Benefit: +3 Diplomacy with Summerlings


Heir of the Thanes
- Languages: Elven, Goblin
- Skills: Diplomacy, History
- Benefit: +1 on Diplomacy and History

Scion of the Fivebraids
- Languages: Giant, Primordial
- Skills: Athletics, History
- Benefit: +3 on Bluff or Intimidate checks against monsters with the Giant keyword.

Stalwart of the Mountains
- Languages; Giant, Goblin
- Skills: Endurance, Intimidate
- Benefit: It takes 4 failed Death saves to kill this character.


Ancient Blood
- Languages: Dwarven, Elven
- Skills: History, Nature
- Benefit: +2 damage with a power with the Primal power source, once per day.

Bond with the Sea
- Languages: Dwarven, Giant
- Skills: Athletics, Nature
- Benefit: +3 Athletics or Nature in regards to shipboard life.

Slayer of Giants
- Languages: Giant
- Skills: Arcana, Athletics
- Benefit: Reroll Arcana checks to identify creatures with the Giant keyword.


Ostralm Villager
- Languages: Dwarven, Elvish, Goblin
- Skills: Endurance, Nature
- Benefit: Reroll Diplomacy with Elves or Halflings, take better of 2 rolls

Sudrast Minor Noble
- Languages: Elven, Giant
- Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy
- Benefit: Reroll Diplomacy with Nobles, take better of 2 rollls

Estshar City Dweller
- Languages: Giant, Infernal
- Skills: History, Streetwise
- Benefit: Reroll Streetwise in Estwald, take second result.


Child of Gwyllan’s Watch
- Languages: Draconic
- Skills: Arcana, History
- Benefit: +1 to Arcana and History

Grew Up in the Feywild
- Languages: Giant
- Skills: Arcana, Nature
- Benefit: Reroll Arcana, take second result.

Scion of the Golden Navy
- Languages: Giant, Goblin
- Skills: Athletics, History
- Benefit: Reroll Athletics when swimming. Take better result.


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