There is a belief among many citizens of Tol that the positions of the stars and phases of the moons when someone is born can have a profound influence on a person’s personality and life. While many don’t share this belief, it doesn’t stop anyone from being aware of their birth sign.

The Bear
The Bear is a sign of protectors, warriors, and parents, especially for those who follow the Primal Spirits. Those born under the sign of the Bear are often strong, enduring, patient, protective, and nurturing. This sign is considered very favorable by dwarves, Hastane, and shifters.
Related Skills: Endurance, Intimidate
Bonus: +2 on Saving Throws vs. Fear

The Crone
The Crone is a sign of foretelling, of mysticism, and of wisdom which includes the purple star Caiphon. It is often associated with those who follow an arcane path, but it can also be a sign revealing an uncanny knack for reading peoples’ emotions. This sign is considered very favorable by Eladrin and tieflings.
Related Skills: Arcana, Insight
Bonus: +2 on Arcana checks made to Detect Magic and to Insight checks made to notice illusions.

The Cup
The Cup is a sign of empathy, romance, and poets. It’s also a sign of healers and mercy. It’s often followed by those who forge a strong connection with their friends through command or healing. This sign is considered very favorable by half-elves and Summerlings.
Related Skills: Heal, Insight
Bonus: +2 on Heal checks to Use Second Wind or Stabilize the Dying.

The Dragon
The Dragon, which includes the red star Draconus, is a sign of strength and lore, but also a sign of tyranny. Great heroes are sometimes born under the sign of the Dragon, but great villains can be as well. Dragonborn, goblins, and Summerlings consider this an extremely favorable sign.
Related Skills: Dungeoneering, Intimidate
Bonus: +2 on Initimidate checks if you are Bloodied.

The Hand
The Hand is a sign of agility, manual dexterity, and craft. Gnomes, halflings, and changelings consider this an extremely favorable sign. Those born under the Hand often become performers, archers, and thieves.
Related Skills: Acrobatics, Thievery
Bonus: +2 on Thievery checks for Sleight of Hand or Picking Pockets.

The Harp
The Harp is a sign of diplomats, of entertainers, and of rogues. The Harp guides many to study an art of some kind, or else to use their words as art. This sign is considered very favorable by gnomes, half-elves, and tieflings.
Related Skills: Diplomacy, Streetwise
Bonus: Can reroll Diplomacy checks. Must take second roll.

The Hunter
The Hunter is a sign of nature, of those who hunt the woods, and who fish the oceans. Those who dare the elements in search of a living are often covered by the sign of the Hunter. Elves, shifters, and Aeotaens consider this sign very favorable.
Related Skills: Nature, Perception
Bonus: +2 bonus to Nature checks for Foraging.

The Jester
The sign of the Jester dances merrily across the sky. Many comets and meteor showers seem to originate from the vicinity of this sign. Those born under the sign often become laughing rogues, dashing bards, and other tricksters. Gnomes, halflings, and tieflings consider this a very auspicious sign.
Related Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff

The Mask
The Mask grins, lop-sidedly, from its place in the heavens. Those who are born under its sign are considered to be intensely dishonest and untrustworthy. Of all the races, only changelings consider the Mask a favorable sign.
Related Skills: Bluff, Thievery
Bonus: Can reroll Bluff checks. Must take second roll.

The River
The River is a sign of travel, of atheleticism, and of perserverence. The River never stops flowing, and those born under the sign are equally tireless and enduring. Goliaths and halflings consider this a very favorable sign.
Related Skills: Athletics, Endurance
Bonus: Can reroll Athletics checks made for swimming. Must take second roll.

The Scepter
Few people who live in the north can miss the Scepter in the night sky. The four bright stars run a perfect line from south to north, with the brightest star, golden Carbachor, resting perfectly at north. While most use the sign for navigation, those born under it are often considered born leaders, either through secular or sacred means. All of the races consider the Scepter an auspicious sign.
Related Skills: Diplomacy, Religion
Bonus: +1 on all Diplomacy checks,

The Tome
Those who are born under the sign of the Tome tend to be scholars, wizards, writers, and academics. Those who live by the written word are often born under the Tome. The Eladrin, in particular, consider this a very auspicious sign, but all races who value scholarship value it.
Related Skills: Arcana, History
Bonus: +1 to either Arcana, Dungeoneering, Nature, Religion, and Streetwise.

The Wolf
Those born under the Wolf tend to be either loners or dedicated socialites. They can be protective, savage, and wild, but they can also be nurturing and wise. This sign is favored strongly by the elves, the goliaths, and the Hastane.
Related Skills: Athletics, Stealth
Bonus: +2 on Perception checks made to track someone. .


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