Albar Thonwyr

Albar Thonwyr was a young, fairly unremarkable nobleman of the house of Thonwyr. He wasn’t a great warrior, or a great philosopher, but he was known for being very kind. His warm, gentle demeanor won the heart of Princess Cassandra Padwyn when he attended a dance at Castle Caladorn, and the two became friends and correspondents, keeping in touch over the next several years. Shortly before Cassandra became Queen of Summerlund in 778 SKR, she began formally courting Albar, and the two were wed later the same year.

Albar had no desire to become King, and he was content with the title of Lord Consort. When Cassandra died an untimely death in 792 SKR, he made no bid for the throne. Instead, he supported his young son, Albryn Thonwyr. Albryn became King of Summerlund, and Albar returned home to mourn his beloved wife. He never married or had other children, but he did publish several volumes of poetry known for themes both romantic and mournful.

There is another version of this tale, one far less romantic. This tale suggests that Albar was more conniving than sweet and gentle, ingratiating himself in Princess Cassandra’s affections. When she became Queen, he was content being a power behind the throne for only so long. According to this version of the tale, he slew his wife and would’ve claimed the crown in her stead, except that he was caught in the act by his son. Rather than slay his own father, Albryn forced Albar into exile, taking the crown for himself.

Whichever of these tales one believes, Albar never rose higher than the rank of Lord Consort. He is known to have retired to his home estate and to have written several books of poetry. One hopes that the mournful theme of them is due to love lost and not a lingering hunger for the crown he almost had.

Albar Thonwyr

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