The Aotaens are a race of humans who inhabit Kaoru, the western regions of Golognoth as well as numerous islands to the continent’s northeast. Centuries of battle with the orcs of Turkhast and the gnolls of Kyask have made them a warrior people, rivalling their monstrous enemies in ferocity when roused to anger.

Although they claim lands on Malhorac, so much of their territory is riddled with rivers and coastline, and they inhabit so many islands, that their culture is exceedingly tied to the sea. They are master boatwrights and sailors, and they favor weapons such as spears, tridents, nets, and short warclubs. Their war canoes bear a superficial resemblance to the longboats of the Hastane, but they tend to have their own design plans. They work a great deal in obsidian, wood, and woven reed.

They do not generally revere the Gods worshipped by other humans. Instead, they venerate the Primal Spirits, feeling a stronger connection to them.



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