Adventurers are seen as figures of fascination, pity, admiration, fear, and/or anger.

Some people admire and are fascinated by them. They can’t imagine giving up the relative safety of their ordinary lives. They can’t imagine a journey of more than a day or two, and the prospect of camping overnight in the wilderness is terrifying to them. Also, they know that successful adventures are often rich and powerful, and that some can be helpful.

Others hate adventurers for daring to break the rules of society or consider them a bit mad. They may be pitied, or driven away.

Other folks may have had poor experiences with less savory or reliable adventurers. This could lead to anger, fear, and possible mob scenes.

Nobles may feel the same as anyone else. Most will try to get rid of the adventurers, because no one wants a well-armed and powerful independent army on their back porch.

Adventuring Company Charters are essentially permission from a lord to be armed and to travel freely in his lands. They may be awarded for service or they may require a substantial bribe or gift. It is customary for these to be awarded at Harvest times (when it is also traditional for the villagers of a lord’s demesne to give him a gift.)


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