Party Inventory

Party Funds- 1000p 568g 2s 77c
Residuum- 1433g
To be Split-
1160g 200s

Fossilized Wyvern Eggs 9 × 100
Obsidian Old One Scimitar (+1, uncomfortable to wield)
Great Sword
Wax Sealed Box (700g Summerling Cinnamon)
Coral Statue 1 × 500g
Wand of Missiles (Kidalis)

Party Items-
Scrying Mirror
Potions of Greater Healing x2
Potion of Healing
Scroll of Raise Dead
Alchemical Torches x2

Diamond 7 × 500

Actions of Note -
Gave Old One Statue to Prof Whittleswork at Tarmoore

Party Inventory

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