Kaldakos Greysails

Kaldakos Greysails is a Summerling, a minor noble of Estwald, and the last member of the Barony of Greysails. He is a rather severe looking fellow, and few would call him handsome (although some might call him striking, if they felt kind.) Despite this, however, he is a witty and charming fellow, and he known to be kind and charitable. This makes him well-liked among his fellow nobles, and more than one young maiden has tried to court him, only to find him seemingly oblivious to their interest. This has made a few folk speculate that he may prefer the company of men, much to the delight of courtly gossip.

It is known that, in his youth, he kept poor company, and some even whisper that he and a number of other disaffected young nobles may have joined a cult dedicated to one of the Primordials in rebellion against their families. These days, however, he is well known to be a pious fellow, often attending services at the temples of The Twelve.

Although he is not a member of Those Who Answer, he is a passionate supporter of them, donating money to them to help them with their good work.


Kaldakos Greysails

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