Tilly Thistleshanks

Halfling weaponmaster and jack-of-all-trades


Halfling Great Weapon fighter specializing in polearm combat, using a sharrash.

Achievements Unlocked
First Blood – Make the first successful attack of the campaign.
First of Many – Take the first damage of the campaign.
I Will Smite Thee with my Mighty Blade I – Deal 15 or more points of damage to one target with a single attack.
Struck Out I – Miss with every attack roll in 3 consecutive rounds of an encounter.


Tilly Thistleshanks is the grandson of Picadilly Thistleshanks, Granpere of the Thistleshanks Clan. A relatively young Halfling, Tilly led a rather simple life as a fisherman, plying his trade on the Silver Rush and occasionally going into Seowyn’s Crossing to trade goods during the major faires or to slack off with friends. His most hectic days involved taking care of his five younger brothers and sisters – Chilly, Dilly, the twins Willy and Nilly, and Gilly – whenever his mom was otherwise occupied.

Life on the river is not particularly easy. Half of Tilly’s time was spent making a living through fishing and odd jobs. The other half was spent fending off hostile wildlife and incursions from marauding goblins, nomadic Dragonborn, and other interlopers. The halflings are a friendly bunch and welcome strangers, assuming they’re not making nuisances of themselves. When they do, halflings are more than happy to “bear their teeth”, as the old saying goes. Because of having to deal with constant threats, halflings employ everyday tools that can double as weapons in a pinch. Fishermen in particular have come to favor the sharrash, a sickle-like implement on a long haft. This weapon is great for hooking lines and crawfish traps out of the water, snagging fruit from low tree branches, and keeping gators and other things at bay. Tilly’s become particularly adept at wielding the sharrash, and has recently been working more as a sentry on boats than as a fisherman himself.

Recently, however, fishing’s gotten somewhat scarce, as there’s much competition for resources. Because of this, Tilly’s decided to try to find work elsewhere, and hopefully be able to send some money back home to his family.

Tilly’s a no-nonsense kinda guy. He’s easy-going and enjoys music, idle chats and just sitting under the shade. So long as he’s got a reed to chew on and the occasional brew, he’s happy. Life in the marshlands has made him somewhat jaded, so it’s unusual for something to really surprise him; normally his most dramatic expression involves him ceasing his reed-chewing for a few seconds while intently staring at the offender. Despite being relatively young, sometimes he speaks down to people the way he would talk down to his younger siblings. He’s always got his sharrash by his side. Tilly also has a constant companion – a possum called Albacore. The thing is a little walking trashcan, happily eating any scraps Tilly feeds it.

Tilly Thistleshanks

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