Seven Kingdoms: Seowyn's Crossing

The banked results.

Kidalis waltzes into the Giant’s Downfall after spending nearly half the day at the bankers guild with some extremely happy bankers. He comes up the table just after the midday meal and drops a small pouch in front of Tristan, Tilly, Ghost, and Shaper. “There is 100 platinum in those pouches for you. I have changed all of our excessive amounts of copper and silver into gold and platinum for the party fund and changed all of our various gems and works of art for gems that may, in a pinch, be used for some of our more powerful spells.”

Kidalis turns to brother Eustace, “You, my friend, have always refused the splitting of our finds, so I simply had your share turned into more gems. Please, if you wish for some coin, do let me know. You know you have more than earned it.”

The young noble sits down and orders a bowl of the soup and a glass of wine and watches everyone’s reactions to the coins put before them.

Ghost stared at the pouches after Kidalis’s announcement, then opens hers and up-ends it on the table, the platinum pieces falling into a small silvery pile. She pokes through the pile looking hopeful, but finally stops and looks up at Kidalis with a disappointed pout. “You didn’t leave me any gems? Not even one of those tiny little garnets???” The young shifter slumped grumpily in her chair, her arms folded across her chest. “It’s ‘cause I’m not girly enough, isn’t it?”



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