Seven Kingdoms: Seowyn's Crossing

Ghost's nightmare

Ghost tossed and turned restlessly on her pallet, her sleeping face troubled by some nightmare she was apparently having…

The otherworldly creatures were all around them, fearsome unnatural things, some huge and looming, some short and fanged with dangerous-looking talons, and all of them deadly. Particularly the one that appeared to be a wizard of some evil fashion.

And it was all going horribly wrong. For her.

Despite her throwing herself fully into the fight, Ghost felt like she was plowing her way through mud, dazed and confused, every strike of hers either coming up short or being deflected while around her the battle moved with disturbing frenzy. Kidalis had six of their attackers tied up, his powers of nature pulling them in and holding them down for the others to strike. Eustace was bellowing and laying on with his scythe, cutting a path through the enemy. Shaper glowed green fire and lashed out with his dimension-warping powers, ripping pieces out of the foe left and right. Even Tristan seemed to be holding his own, casting curses and eldritch blasts into the fray with devastating effect.

But worst of all, Tilly was racking up not only the most kills but the most important ones as well, first one of the bigger creatures falling to his sharash, then one of the smaller but equally fierce ones, and then the wizard-leader himself, taken down by a sneaky halfling move where Tilly’s shortsword leaped into his hand and he backstabbed the shrieking thing and smirked as it fell.

Frustrated, Ghost directed her fury at the big creature that kept slamming her into insensibility with its huge arms, thowing everything she had at the thing, marking it for certain death, determined to get at least one major kill in before the battle was over. But just as she finally had the thing bloodied and ready to fall, it suddenly exploded into a gigantic spray of ichor, drenching her from head to foot with its putrid otherworldly ickiness. Stunned, blinking, Ghost saw an apologetic-looking Tristan standing on the other side with what looked like a small fruit-knife in his hand. “Sorry,” the half-elf mumbled, “but you looked like you really needed the help.”

“Noooo!” Ghost wailed her frustration as things rapidly went downhill. Shaper gestured with his pinky finger and a creature flew apart into bloody fragments. Kidalis yawned and a horde of shrubs ripped the legs and arms from another. Tilly suddenly went down, felled by a desperate attack from one of the bigger creatures, only to be immediately revived by Eustace so that he could not only leap up and cut the big one down but also take out two others as his singing blade went cutting through all of them in a massive cleave. And Ghost – kill-less – could only stand and watch.

“Why are they getting all the kills? Tilly gets the most and the leader to boot? And Tristan gets the one that should’ve been mine?” Ghost slashed at the empty air in her frustration. “It’s not right. It’s not fair!”

“Yeah,” a voice from out of nowhere responded. “But then they’re good at this.”

Ghost looked around, but saw no one. She did however spot a single creature left standing. Desperate, she howled and charged the thing… only to see a bloody horn suddenly piercing outward from its chest just as she reached it. The creature’s eyes rolled up as it fell, revealing an ugly stinking goat on the other side, eyeing her with smug contempt, the remains of the creature dripping from its single horn.

“Nyaaaaggghhh!” Ghost howled, spirit-leaping as she awoke, her kukris instinctively drawn and lashing out… as she fell from above the inn, her blades slashing and smashing her way through not only the inn’s roof but the floor of the room she’d been sleeping in, sending her to the main room below where she crash-landed on a table of very startled dwarven merchants, prompting Tilly, who was sitting at a nearby table, to look over. “Ah swear Ghost,” the halfling sighed, shaking his head, “we cain’t take yew anywhere!”



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